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Prenatal Massage & Doula Services

Many moms today are frightened about the idea of giving birth in a hospital. It's no wonder! In today's world, most hospitals routinely treat childbirth as a pathology - something that needs "fixing." Those routine "fixes" can just about undo the normal physiology of natural childbirth!

Learning about common labor and delivery procedures and their alternatives can help put you back in the birthing seat. 

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Friendly Five - Golden Touch Childbirth Support
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Serving the Springfield area, including Marshfield, Strafford, Nixa, Sparta, Willard, Republic, Ozark, Rogersville, Branson, Fair Grove, Ash Grove with a passion for helping people of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. 

Jeannette's childbirth education and doula services prior to the delivery helped us feel prepared and supported, even though there were visitor restrictions at the hospital.

Carly P, 2020

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Support Services

Prenatal Massage

Physical Relief

Prenatal Visits

Informative and Compassionate

Birthing Guidance

Offering Continuous Support

Postpartum Support

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