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Why Doula?

Listen as Mark Hill of Vision Media interviews me about my work:





Research shows that continuous support from a trained doula helps with pain and stress management during labor and delivery.1  Nurses are too busy and simply are not trained to provide this type of care.


Doulas encourage self-advocacy for both the birthing person as well as their partner. Doulas also help birth partners understand the power of their role by reinforcing comfort, support, and advocacy strategies. New mothers and their birth partners are more confident with the continuous care from the doula. With that support, they understand how they can stay more in control of the childbirth process. 

Ask about scholarships for persons of LGBTQ+ community, or of Black, Brown & Indigenous heritage.

1: Continuous support for women during childbirth

Friendly Five - Golden Touch Childbirth
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Why Me?

Offering experienced prenatal massage as well as birth and postpartum doula services, my participation on your behalf can be invaluable! I am also ready to teach childbirth education. Learning more about the natural physiology of birth and common procedures help prepare you to make informed decisions about your care during labor and delivery. I am committed to helping you draft a birth plan that is meaningful for you. 


Prenatal Massage training with Claire Marie Miller of Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2014.

Birth Boot Camp Doula training in 2019. Certified September 2021.

Birth Boot Camp instructor training and certification in October 2021.

Locally practicing massage since 2007.

Locally offering doula services since May 2021.

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