• Jeannette Napoleon

Learn About Hidden Sugar

As I already said, learning to shop for groceries is crucial to healthy eating. Stay on outside aisles. Learn what the glycemic index is on some of the most common foods on your shelves. Eating things that have lower glycemic index levels generally means less of an impact on your blood sugar and the pancreas’ response. I recently found this very telling video from Loehr Health Center’s Dr. Aimee LaBrie’s popular Sneaky Sugar Class hosted with the Doula Foundation. It is powerful!

Better than baked desserts, fresh fruit can give some nutritional boosts like vitamins and fibre. If you must have sweets, it’s best to bake them yourself. Use less sugar than the recipe calls for and eat less of them than you wish. Also, to cut down on your cravings, add protein and fats to your meal before being exposed to the sweets.

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